SoCalFurs Halloween Event Round-up

Yeah, better late than never, eh?*  After talking to furs from all over Southern California, I managed to form this small list of furry events for Halloween. So, pack your bag of tricks (and maybe a fursuit) and plan for your Halloween adventure…..

  • Anpu42’s Halloween Meet-n-Greet (Riverside, CA) – Think of it as a classic movie night goofing off with friends with some classic Halloween movies.  Bring your costume to amuse the trick-or-treaters.  BYOF (Bring Your Own Fun)
  • West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval – Growly has organized this year’s costumed gathering in West Hollywood.  Fursuits are highly encouraged (but make sure your footwear is comfortable).  Take on the energetic crowds and bring fursuiting to the streets of WeHo.
  • Halloween Skate Night (Westminster, CA) – Frosty loves to ice skate and he wants all his friends to join him. Costumes (and fursuits) on ice! Contests, raffles and other surprises await.  Costumed participants get free admission.
Sorry, Kat has been absorbed into Halloween stuff of her own — as she will be working at a party Friday and Saturday nights. Its not furry per se but if you are over 18, and out in Redlands than feel free to stop by.


Fall FurBQ – Call For An Organizer

Back in August, I began putting out feelers to the organizer of the SoCal Fall FurBQ.  Just like the one that we throw every spring, Fall FurBQ’s dates are different from year to year. I have always encouraged getting events posted to this calendar with as much advance notice as possible, especially when it comes to events that require a lot of organization and planning.

However, there has been a change regarding leadership of this event. About a week ago, I learned that organizer of the Fall FurBQ is stepping down from his position.  His message is as follows:

Hi Socal furs,

For the past two years, I’ve organized the Fall FurBQ at Irvine Regional Park. It’s been a huge success and I wish to thank all who helped out, brought food, cleaned up, and made this such a wonderful event.

However, with the news of my recent job transition, I will be moving out of state before the fall FurBQ as currently scheduled. I am looking for someone to take over this event if possible, so that the tradition can continue. It is not a difficult job, and the hardest part is getting at the site early to claim the spot. If you are interested in helping the fall furBQ continue, please contact me!



I will continue to communicate with LeoTigers over the next few weeks.  SoCal Fall FurBQ was started with the idea of offering furries another opportunity for a day in the park for the fall season. Unfortunately, for organizers and staff of the spring FurBQ (where it all started), we can only afford to seed one of these events a year.  We do hope that this event can continue, but consider this event “on hold” until a new leader can be found.

September Highlights / Call for Halloween Events

At one time, Labor Day signified the end of summer for many.  Whether going back to school or getting ready for all the fall happenings, many of us must “get back” to something.  However, things will start cooling down here in SoCal (well, by our standards) and its time to get ready for Fall.

Los Angeles/Orange County:

San Diego Area

Inland Empire

As Halloween draws near, I have begun getting contacted regarding Halloween outings and events for this year. September is the perfect time to start getting the word out about such events, so please drop me a line as quickly as you can to let me know. The SoCalFurs Network has the goal of helping people get together and collaborate, including the event planning. Even if you are still working on getting things worked out, please get in touch.

Goodbye July, Hello August

August has come and the dog days of summer are upon us.  Things got a bit hectic here, leaving me with only an hour or so to do work on the website.  So many great events, you make it hard for a girl to catch up.  Regardless, our calendar has been updated and you will find many events added for this August.

Los Angeles/Orange County:

  • August 2nd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st:  Silver Fox Bar Meet (21+ only) 
  • August 23rd: La Habra Furry Bowl
    Please note that as of August, Coony is no longer running this meet as he has moved out of state.  This event is now run by Angel Rivas

San Diego Area

Inland Empire

I cannot even say that this is all of what is in store for August. If I learn of any events that arent already listed, Ill be putting them up ASAP. If you wish to list your event with us, by all means, contact us.

Post Califur Report

Fursuiters giving hugs in the Tuscany Ballroom during Califur. Photo by Yasha

Zarafa giving hugs while gathering in the Tuscany Ballroom. Photo courtesy of Yasha.

We’re back home after a wonderful weekend in Irvine, having attended Califur. We were there from Thursday and enjoyed many things throughout the weekend. We found no shortage of socialization in the Irvine Marriott’s brand new lobby. Stego and I reconnected with old friends and made lots of new ones.

We even reached out to some local furries that are just discovering fandom, but did not necessarily know all the places that they might connect with others in the area. Did not have business cards but I was on point for providing a social experience. On Saturday, I managed to catch the fursuit parade. I’m only sad that my camera decided to crap out on me, so most of my weekend photos came out real blurry. We had our two panels on Saturday and Sunday, which had a decent turnout. It has given me lots of insight and direction for (and the SoCal Furs Network). So, I hope to further my efforts into reaching out to all the local fuzzies, new and old.

Party ready fursuiters gathering for a picture. Photo by Toby Shepard

Ready to party. Photo courtesy of Toby Shepard

Now that suitcases are emptied and sleep has been gotten, its time to announce….

Our Mascot Design Contest Winner

Noah the Mountain Lion by Yeep

Yeep is the winner of the SoCalFurs Mascot Contest. Congratulations!

Oh man, this was not easy. We were overwhelmed by the entries submitted to us (through our FurAffinity page). Before con we did an initial elimination of our total entries and eventually pared it down to three. Our final judges were Megan Giles (As the creator of Tamerlaine, our female mascot), Rod O’Riley of the Prancing Skilltaire household (and having been in the fandom since the earliest of days), myself and and Vidwulf (thank you so much for stopping by. I know you were very busy.)

Final voting came down to a tie, so Summercat served as the tiebreaker. He couldn’t make up his mind so we did an impromptu vote by secret ballot by our panel attendees (in the future, I hope to have an improved contingency plan for when ties like this happen.).

Each of our three finalists received a ticket for the Califur GOH dinner (held in the classy Tuscany Ballroom), as well as a spot for the entry to be displayed in the convention’s artshow.  Yeep will receive the $100 grand prize.  Stego donated some lovely $25 gift cards for all 18 participants. Thanks to all for attending, and thanks to EVERYONE who entered.

SoCalFurs is now on Meetup

After seeing a few furry groups in our area using Meetup, we are trying it out ourselves. We think Meetup might be another way to discover and encourage furry events all around SoCal. Meetup is a website that seems to have great tools and allows people to RSVP to events, which can be great for some events who need to know how many are attending. So, if you use this site, please join our SoCalFurs group.

SoCalFurs Galleries

Yes, it has been a long time since we have updated our galleries. Trust me, we are long overdue. While our staff does occasionally bring a camera to local events, we dont always remember to break from our fun and actually take photos. Heehee!

We do have a backlog of photos to post for some events but we always could use more.  All submissions will be credited in the captions/descriptions, but we also accept photos that feature your watermark. So, if you have any photos that you wish to contribute, please contact us.


It seems that, after the passing of each year’s Califur, we consider it like a new year. This is where we set our goals and look towards future progress. As always, visit us on Twitter for real-time updates.