FurBQ 2015 Date Announced

I thought April 1st would never end, but now we can announce what you have all been waiting for — the results of our FurBQ poll.

Our poll closed at the end of March and we had a bit of a tight race.  After calculating all the stats from our poll (and removing any duplicates and out-of-region/country results), we can now say…mark your calendars for April 25th

Yup.  This will be our first April FurBQ in well over 8 years.  SoCal has been giving us some beautiful weather thus far and we anticipate a nice happy-medium on the temperature. So, make those plans and grab your fursuit…the 17th Annual FurBQ is almost here

FurBQ is Coming Up….and we need your feedback!

It is that time again — when we start thinking about fun in the sun, sharing food with friends and enjoying the day at Irvine Regional Park.  Our event may be happening months from now, but this is about the time of year when we start thinking about dates and getting our initial resources together to provide what has been a great event for furries in Southern California.

Typically, FurBQ happens in May, before Califur. However, this year we have gotten some suggestions that April may also offer some  great dates.   As always, we know we wont please everyone but this is why we like to ask our local community so we might pick a date most can attend.

What weekend do you recommend for us to hold our annual FurBQ?

It looks like you have already voted in this poll. Check back after March 30th for the results.

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Voting ends on March 30th, so please start spreading the word about this poll to fellow SoCal furries.

Info on Fall FurBQ

Last summer, we at SoCalFurs got word of a change to our Fall FurBQ event.  During that summer, Leotigers (the organizer for the event) found himself with new employment opportunities.  However, this meant that, come fall, Leotigers would be packing up a moving van and heading to Colorado.For many who enjoyed the our Fall FurBQ last year, admittedly this news was a disappointment.

In the meantime, he attempted to find someone to organize the Fall FurBQ in his place.  Sadly, this was just not possible and so, after a 2 year run, the events of 2014 meant no Fall FurBQ.  However, I can now say in 2015, that we have an update for you. Here it is, straight from Leotigers himself:


First, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Fall FurBQ the past to years and made it a tremendous success! As I posted several months ago, I moved out of the state and am no longer able to organize this event.

However, I am pleased to announce that two local furs have volunteered to pick up the mantle to continue the tradition:

Arch moc.l1429384547iamg@1429384547xmorc1429384547nis1429384547
Croc moc.l1429384547iamg@1429384547012091429384547doolb1429384547iruma1429384547s1429384547

Please direct further questions regarding the Fall FurBQ to them. I wish them the best of luck and hope everyone will continue to contribute to this wonderful furry outing!

Best regards,
Leo Fenris


As those who have attended the FurBQ (the main one that happens in May) can attest, this kind of thing is no easy task. The more paws on deck that organizers have, the better the event can be.  I have talked to Croc on Twitter in the last few weeks and I think we got some people eager to get this event kicked off.  They have got a few people lined up to be cooks and are considering many options for our food supply (although, they tell me that this will be a pot luck event).  I encourage any people interested in making 2015’s Fall FurBQ into a great complementary bbq for the fall, to please get in contact with these guys.

Welcome to the insanity, Croc & Arch!

SoCal Furs Fly North This Winter (FC-Related Schedule Post)

Yes! It has happened. Further Confusion is here.  Furs are packing, preparing and maybe panicking (just a little).  Some of you have been packing your cars full of fursuits, luggage and people and are making that lovely drive up the Grapevine towards one of the largest conventions in the United States.

Screencap showing the events still happening during the weekend of Further ConfusionWith so many people going off for this big weekend of furry fun, there have been some cancellations of our events.  This entry serves as a heads-up for any of you who aren’t attending the convention but still want to make those weekend plans.  The events that did contact me and ask me to cancel January’s event was:

  • Kearny Mesa Park Meet and Furry Bowling – The next one will happen on February 21st.
  • The Silver Fox Bar Meet – The next one will happen on January 25th. Teh is not going to FC and will be hanging out at the Silver Fox anyway. However, he didnt want to stress having the meet during such a busy convention weekend. If you are in the Long Beach area, feel free to stop by and/or contact him to let him know you are coming.  Other than that, the next official Silver Fox meet will happen on January 25th.
  • Oceanside Sunset Market Outing – The next one will happen on February 19th.

I look forward to seeing all the great posts from people about this upcoming weekend, whether you attend the convention or not.  However, if you know some furs who are not attending the convention, by all means pass this post along so that they know what is available and what isnt for this weekend. If you want an impromptu event announced by us on our Twitter, than by all means, contact me ASAP.

SoCalFurs Halloween Event Round-up

Yeah, better late than never, eh?*  After talking to furs from all over Southern California, I managed to form this small list of furry events for Halloween. So, pack your bag of tricks (and maybe a fursuit) and plan for your Halloween adventure…..

  • Anpu42’s Halloween Meet-n-Greet (Riverside, CA) – Think of it as a classic movie night goofing off with friends with some classic Halloween movies.  Bring your costume to amuse the trick-or-treaters.  BYOF (Bring Your Own Fun)
  • West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval – Growly has organized this year’s costumed gathering in West Hollywood.  Fursuits are highly encouraged (but make sure your footwear is comfortable).  Take on the energetic crowds and bring fursuiting to the streets of WeHo.
  • Halloween Skate Night (Westminster, CA) – Frosty loves to ice skate and he wants all his friends to join him. Costumes (and fursuits) on ice! Contests, raffles and other surprises await.  Costumed participants get free admission.
Sorry, Kat has been absorbed into Halloween stuff of her own — as she will be working at a party Friday and Saturday nights. Its not furry per se but if you are over 18, and out in Redlands than feel free to stop by.